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MRS is a R&D, mechanical design and service company focused on material recovery systems applied to thin-film deposition processes. A series of services is related to the mechanical system consisting in maintenance of the system and recovery of the wasted materials collected on the blades. It has been founded in 2011 in the province of Lecce, Italy.


Our mission is the design of solutions for the industrial field with the purposes to reduce the wastes and to recover used materials. In particular, MRS has focused up to now on the design of electro-mechanical systems for the recovery of materials in thin film deposition processes, which are often characterized by particularly low efficiency and complicated procedures of maintenance.


The company aims to become leader in the design and maintenance of systems and components of the selection and recovery of materials employed in thin film deposition processes. The strategy to be pursued is the continuous innovation, through the design and the production of new customized solution with respect to different users’ demands.



Headquarter: Via IV Novembre 86 Carmiano, 73041 Lecce ITALY
Operational headquarters: Via Corte dei Mesagnesi 30 Lecce, 73100 ITALY
P.IVA: 04378640751
Phone: +39 3282351175


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