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Various partnerships have been developed with regional research centers, local and national companies.

Apulia Region

Apulia Region, with Bollenti Spiriti set of initiatives, helped MRS to prove the feasibility of the basic idea.
visit regione.puglia.it

Bollenti Spiriti

Bollenti Spiriti represents the early-seed stage investment, provided by Apulia Region in 2010. This seed has allowed the company to develop the first proof of concept, with a real installation in a facility: this helped to determine the feasibility of the basic idea.
visit bollentispiriti.regione.puglia.it

CETMA Consortium

The CETMA consortium has considerable experience in the prototyping of mechanical components as well as a wide supplier base. The partnership expects to benefit from a course of design and rapid prototyping of components for experimental applications of prototypes. They will also provide us contacts and support for the supply of some of the components.
visit cetma.it


The partnership with ENEA provides the opportunity to use the sputterer facility, installed in the Brindisi laboratories, and the assistance of the clean room technician for the analysis, installation and testing of the second generation prototype. In addition the Trisaia laboratories help MRS to determine the purity of the materials recovered.
visit enea.it

Department of Innovation Engineering - University of Salento

The collaboration started with the Department of Innovation Engineering (University of Salento, Lecce) provides advice and technical-scientific support in the concept generation and prototype testing, referring in particular to the issues about the polymeric part.
visit dii.unisalento.it

NNL (National Nanotechnology Laboratory) - CNR Nano

The partnership with the Laboratory of Nanotechnology provides the opportunity to use the thermal evaporator and the assistance of the clean room technician for the installation and testing of the prototype. The first phase of the material recovery will be also made possible by the clean room facilities of the Laboratory.
visit nnl.it

Law firm Laforgia, Bruni & Partners

The collaboration with the law firm Laforgia, Bruni & Partners allows to start the brokerage of the patent by seeking actors interested in patent purchasing or licensing.
visit laforgiabruni.it